In-house Laboratory

In-house lab laboratory in clinic pathology

Our in-house blood chemistry, urine and haematology analysers provide on the spot diagnostics to ensure the best care for your pet whatever the time of day.

We have an EPOC blood gas and electrolyte critical care analyser which is invaluable in the management of critical care patients such as in acute renal failure when a dog ingests antifreeze for instance. Management of the electrolyte disturbances in these patients is a cornerstone of treatment.

A simple blood sample taken from your pet in consult and you can wait in the clinic for the results, it’s that quick! Great on Friday evenings at 6.30!

We can also perform urinalysis and simple cytology within our laboratory. These tests help us diagnose a range of problems and diseases that can occur in your pet. It is really helpful to have an understanding of what organisms are present in an acute otitis case so that we can choose the appropriate ear medication. Repeat testing also helps us to ensure we are on the right treatment plan for your pet.